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Selenium ST400 Blk Super Tweeter

4 Stars
ST400 Blk Super Tweeter


Model: ST400 BLK
Package Quantity: 1

The ST400 Blk Super Tweeter is a good item for the vehicle. In my opinion you will love that the tweeter includes this feature of kapton(tm) bonded for increased power handling and durability. Other highlights consist of 8ohm 300 watt aluminum super tweeter, 40 x 40 dispersion and 3khz-20khz frequency response. The tweeter weighs roughly 3.75 lbs. The bar code or the International Article Number, for this tweeter is 7896359515653. Awesome deal on ST400 Blk Super Tweeter. To get the same great deal I found, click on our affilate add to shopping cart button on this page.

The ST400ST from Selenium is very proposed for PA Systems, Stage monitors and most sound reinforcement applications. The geometry of the magnetic circuit is optimized with Finite Element Anlaysis (FEA) in order to efficiently utilize and distribute the magnetic field. This High Fidelity Aluminum Phenolic Super Tweeter is really sensitive exactly exactly where the reproduction of high frequencies is vital to the performance and low distortion is needed. Provides a simple slot in fix for fast installation. Highly durable as a outcome of bonding the voice coil to a Kapton ™ former increasing durability at high temeratures.


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