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Infinity Reference 1031T 1-INCH, High-performance 150-WATT Textile-dome Tweeter (pair)

Reference 1031T 1-INCH5 Star Rating
Reference 1031T 1INCH
Get Driving In Your Automobile With The Reference 1031T 1INCH

Bar Code# 050667110437. A list of features include plus one (patent pending) woofer cone, sensitivity: 93d b, edge-driven, textile-dome tweeter and 2-ohm impedance. It's 5"H x 10"L x 5"W and has got a weight of 1 lbs. Infinity Reference 1031T 1-INCH, High-performance 150-WATT Textile-dome Tweeter (pair). To get this product now at the cheapest price, check out our partners via the add to cart button on this page.

infinity reference high-performance textile-dome tweeter pair

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Publisher:Harman Kardon


Looking for a more moving audio experience? Innovative materials and breakthrough engineering have always put Infinity products out in front with all the competition's. So expect extreme output from these speakers, but be ready for accuracy and detail that could surprise you. Take Infinity auto audio for a ride. Infinity Reference Series loudspeakers continue to turn out to be the top-selling premium speakers inside the planet. For instance, the 6-1/2-inch Reference coaxial model has been the number-one-selling vehicle audio multielement speaker for five years straight. With proprietary features including patent-pending Plus One cones, true 4-ohm topology, Uni Pivot edge-driven tweeters at the same time because the industry-leading Intermount III and I-Mount mounting systems, also as the Starfish tweeter-mounting adapter, Reference Series speakers leave the competition scrambling to help keep up.

Infinity Reference 1031T One-Inch (25-Millimeter) , High-Performance Textile-Dome TweeterThe 1031T can be a 1-inch, edge-driven textile dome tweeeter kit to restore missing highs to any car audio systems. Features everything you ought to install in any location. We've made unparalleled efforts to ensure the best possible high quality so that you can listen long and loud when you crank up an Infinity speaker. And you won't be alone in having great sound in your vehicle. We understand. All new Infinity products have to go through nearly 500 hours of environmental testing. We even shake things up, as all of our new car audio products have to pass extensive vibration testing before we release them for production. We put them under temperatures fluctuating between -35 degrees C and +90 degrees C with up to 90 percent air humidity for more than 200 hours. And proprietary capabilities such as patent-pending Plus One cones, true four-ohm topology, and Uni Pivot edge-driven tweeters leave the competition scrambling to preserve up. Prepare to be moved. Infinity Reference continues to lead the industry with innovative materials and breakthrough engineering that delivers extreme output with accuracy and detail for the ultimate listening expertise on the road. We test it so you can crank it The final thing you want to worry about may be the high quality of your speakers. 5 years running* When you want a truly moving car audio experience, look no further than Infinity Reference speakers. The number-one aftermarket car audio speaker. So experience what so numerous others have enjoyed for years, and install Infinity Reference speakers in your vehicle. Infinity Reference has been the top-selling aftermarket car audio speaker for 5 years running, and with good purpose. We expose the speakers to UV light for more than 150 hours to simulate a mounting location on a rear deck.

The textile-dome tweeter is both strong and light weight. And with such easy installation, you'll be listening to your new Infinity speakers in no time at all. The typical four-ohm voice coil has its ohms measured before entering the"actual world"--but in real-world use, heat buildup increases impedance, and the voice coil actually operates closer to 5 ohms. Infinity measures a speaker's impedance in real-world use, so the Infinity Reference 1031T speakers are a true four-ohm component. But creating it easy to mount isn't adequate. When doing a flush mount, you can use our innovative flush-mount cup to angle the tweeters and lock them into the best angle for optimum response and imaging. Edge-driven, textile-dome tweeter The 1031T is truly a one-inch (25-millimeter) textile-dome tweeter using a significant voice coil--much like a voice coil situated in high-end home-audio speakers. A tweeter has to sound great as nicely. What's inside the Box One pair of Infinity 1031t textile-dome tweeters, one set of in-line crossover networks, one particular set of installation hardware * Based on NPD INTELECT data. The 1031T uses Infinity's patented Starfish tweeter-mounting system. I-Mount tweeter-mounting system If you are upgrading the sound in your vehicle with each and every of the 1031T, Infinity's proprietary I-Mount (patent no. For a single of the most effective performance, the 1031Ts make the best use of any amplifier by offering an optimum two-ohm load. Infinity engineering has produced that easy, too. You are installing an Infinity component system, and Infinity has designed it easy. Using its lower-impedance voice coils, Infinity has designed the 1031T to extract a single of the most power possible from all amplifiers engineered to drive loads of 4 ohms or less, and the 1031T is compatible with both aftermarket head units and factory-installed systems. Since many factory-installed systems incorporate two-ohm speakers and include amplifiers developed to drive two-ohm loads, replacing those reduced-impedance speakers with a typical"four-ohm"model is hardly an upgrade, due to the fact the energy output from the amplifier is going to be lowered. Easy InstallDoing it yourself? At initial glance, installing a component tweeter might seem a tiny daunting. The 1031T tweeter also features an in-line crossover network that helps create more seamless integration with a woofer or midbass. Infinity makes installing the Reference 1031T tweeter a breeze. Starfish tweeter-mounting system What about when you desire to replace the factory-component system that comes in quite a few of today's vehicles while keeping that"factory"appear? The benefit of Infinity's textile-dome tweeter is its light weight and remarkable strength, while its huge voice coil increases energy handling and reduces distortion at high output levels. Powerful PerformanceTrue four-ohm topology Low-impedance speaker voice coils extract a lot more energy from your amp for more powerful performance than high-impedance coils do. Don't worry. It tends to make mounting the tweeter in any number of ways behind factory grilles and panels simple, and it doesn't require any special modifications. In other words, they use a lower-impedance voice coil than a typical four-ohm speaker. 5,859,917) tweeter system makes it effortless to flush-mount or surface-mount the tweeter. Detail, clarity and imaging added to any sound system for true, high-end, audiophile-quality performance. The result?


  • Sensitivity: 93d B
  • Edge-driven, textile-dome tweeter
  • Plus One (patent pending) woofer cone
  • 2-Ohm impedance
  • Power handling, peak: 150 watts
  • Units: 1
  • Product Dim.: Height: 5" Length: 10" Width: 5"
  • Product Weight: 1 lbs.
  • Package: Height: 1.7" Length: 11.2" Depth: 7.1"
  • Package Weight: 1.2 lbs.

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