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Pyramid TW28 3. 75-INCH Aluminum Bullet Horn In Enclosure With Swivel Housing

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Pyramid TW28 3 75INCH Aluminum Bullet

Sound Around

Model: TW28
UPS: 068888721028
Package Quantity: 1

The Pyramid TW28 3 75INCH Aluminum Bullet by Sound Around is a good tweeter for your automobile. A list of characteristics are sensitivity: 96 db, ferrofluid enhanced, freq resp: 2 k ¿ 25 khz and 300w rated power. The stereo tweeter is 3.3"H x 10.8"L x 6.7"W. It weighs around 3.55 lbs. Best price Pyramid TW28 3 75INCH Aluminum Bullet. For more information regarding this stereo tweeter, check out our partners via the link.

Pyramid Car Audio prides itself as getting possibly the most affordable answer to car audio. The TW28 lives up to Pyramids excellent reputation. With this continual vision in mind, it took only several short years before Pyramid was regarded the worldwide leader of affordable audio products. It comes complete with capacitor, crossover network, and swivel housing. 75'' aluminum bullet horn with a 1'' titanium dome tweeter that is capable of managing an impressive 300 watts of power. It features a 3. The founders of Pyramid over two and a half decades ago developed a notion of how you can bring affordable audio merchandise towards the US market location.


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