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Lanzar OPTIBT25 Optidrive 200 Watt Heavy Duty Aluminum Super Bullet Tweeter

4 Stars
OPTIBT25 Optidrive 200 Watt Heavy Duty

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Model: OPTIBT25
UPS: 068888994361
Package Quantity: 1

Do you need to get a tweeter for your car? The OPTIBT25 Optidrive 200 Watt Heavy Duty is a nice tweeter! In my opinion you will like that the item comes with this feature, aluminum super tweeter - 4 ohms impedance. The barcode for this is 068888994361. The stereo tweeter dimensions are 4"H x 3"L x 4"W and it weighs only 0.57Kilograms.

The OPTIBT25 is really a 200-watt, die-cast aluminum tweeter from Lanzar that really gets the highs rolling. The die-cast aluminum frame was created to offer competition grade performance highs. 5 to 20 k Hz, you'll have the best end covered. With a frequency range of 2. With a 1"high-temperature Kapton voice coil and Neodymium magnet it provides rich, sweet highs.


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