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Kicker 08KS13 5-INCH 13MM Tweeter With Crossover

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08KS13 5INCH 13MM Tweeter With Crossover


Model: 08KS13
UPS: 713034040422
Package Quantity: 1

For anyone who is wishing to buy a stereo tweeter We've put together very good info. The 08KS13 5-INCH 13MM Tweeter With Crossover - a great tweeter made by Kicker is a superb solution. I definitely liked that the product had 1/2-inch tweeters feature neodymium magnet and a specially-developed voice coil. Other features consist of 12d b/octave high-pass crossovers and one-year limited warranty. It's dimensions are 22" Height x 12.4" Length x 10.5" Width and it has got a weight of 1.5 lbs. Are you currently looking into purchasing a stereo tweeter and you are simply looking for the very best price for this for it? Or maybe you want to find out the views of some other clients before you purchase a tweeter? If so you happen to be at the right spot. Shopping for 08KS13 5-INCH 13MM Tweeter With Crossover. For more information regarding this stereo tweeter, check out our affilate button.

Amazon. com Product Description Got the bass, but lacking the clarity and definition of a high-performance tweeter? Muddy audio has long been a symptom of weak systems. The simple cure may possibly be a pair of high-performance KS-Series Tweeters.

KS-Series Tweeters have always been identified for their versatility, and directional installation could be the essential for best outcomes when enjoying music. With numerous options for your ride, Livin' Loud with high-performance KS-Series Tweeters will deliver on a promise of exceptional musical accuracy and matching looks to go with it. With this in mind, KICKER has designed the tweeters to be mounted in one particular of 3 ways for optimal sound: flush, surface, or angled.


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